WWE RAW Results – February 6, 2023

WWE RAW is back.

The weekly three-hour WWE on USA Network television program emanates from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, as the road to the WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 pay-per-view continues.

On tap for tonight’s show is Becky Lynch vs. Bayley in a Steel Cage Match, Elias vs. Montez Ford and Damian Priest vs. Angelo Dawkins in two qualifying matches for the Men’s Elimination Chamber bout, as well as Piper Niven vs. Carmella vs. Mia Yim vs. Candice LeRae in a qualifying match for the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

Featured below are complete WWE Raw results from Monday, February 6, 2023. The following report was written by PWMania.com reporter Matt Boone (@MattBoone0709) as the show aired live from 8-11pm EST. on the USA Network.

WW RAW RESULTS (2/6/2023)

This week’s show kicks off with the usual “WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together.” opening signature narrated by John Cena. After that, the regular Raw opening video and theme plays.

We shoot live inside the Amway Center in Orlando, FL. where Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick welcome us to the show, as fireworks explode and pyro erupts at the top of the entrance area.

Edge & Beth Phoenix Kick Off This Week’s Show

The two immediately mention the Becky Lynch vs. Bayley bout scheduled for tonight, as the steel cage is shown hanging above the ring. From there, we hear the familiar sounds of Edge’s theme song.

“The Rated-R Superstar” emerges to a rock-star pop and soaks in the love from the crowd. Beth Phoenix accompanies him as the two WWE Hall of Fame legends make their way to the ring as pyro erupts behind them.

We are shown an extensive video package that shows The Judgment Day’s attack on Edge and Beth Phoenix many moons ago. When the video wraps up, Edge mentions how he needs to calm his heart rate down before speaking after seeing that video.

Edge mentions being the king of comebacks at this point and says he’s here again for one reason — The Judgment Day. He mentions The Judgment Day being his fault. He says the point of putting the group together was to take some talents he felt had potential.

He goes on to say he was right. Everyone in the group is better now than they were going into the group. He talks about the long journey that involved himself and The Judgment Day, as well as his wife Beth Phoenix.

Now he goes on to give The Judgment Day their “golf clap” for making him feel something he rarely does, which is helpless as he watched his wife get attacked by Rhea Ripley with brass knuckles and a steel chair. The fans chant “You still got it!” Edge quickly reacts, “I never lost it!”

Beth Phoenix jumps in after Edge mentions being capable of being a sick bastard. She says she wants to cut to the chase. Before she can, the theme for The Judgment Day hits and out comes Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio.

The threesome come to the ring being snarky, mocking Edge for coming back to get beat up by The Judgment Day again. Dominik talks about his hardened criminal past since Edge has last been around. Priest then gets on the mic and says the next time they beat them down, they’ll make what they did at Extreme Rules look like child’s play.

Dom says he wishes “Mami” was here. He mentions her being overseas but is then cut off by Edge, who tells him to shut up. He then gives an insult or two to Priest and Balor, comparing the latter to Jamaraqai from the “Virtual Insanity” music video.

He takes Dom to task for screwing his pops over, and says he can’t wait until Rey Mysterio 6-1-9’s his teeth down his throat. Phoenix says the real reason Rhea isn’t here tonight is because last week she Speared her soul out of her body.

She tells them to listen carefully. She says she didn’t come here to talk. She came to kick Rhea Ripley’s ass. She says since she’s not here tonight, how about this — “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge and “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix against Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley at Elimination Chamber.

The Judgment Day accepts, but point out that the match will only happen if Edge and Beth even make it to Elimination Chamber. They drop their mics and approach the ring. As the brawl ensues, out comes The Street Profits to help even up the numbers game.

Edge hits Balor with a Spear. Dom is looking scared backing up, but he backs up right into Montez Ford. He is chased into the ring where Beth Phoenix hits him with the Glam-Slam. We head to a commercial break after this.

Men’s Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Angelo Dawkins vs. Damian Priest

When we return from the break, we see Angelo Dawkins and Damian Priest in the ring already in the middle of their scheduled Men’s Elimination Chamber Qualifying match. As we settle back in, footage is shown of Adam Pearce restoring order during the commercials.

Back live, we see the action on the floor near the commentary table. Back inside the ring, Priest starts to go to work to Dawkins, taking it to him with punishing offense in the corner of the ring. He connects with a Broken Arrow for a close near fall, but Dawkins kicks out.

We see Dawkins hit a big high spot out to the floor. Shortly after, we head to a mid-match commercial break as the match continues. When we return from the break, we see the action still in progress. Dawkins is on fire, even connecting with a picture-perfect swanton off the top-rope for a super close near fall.

Moments later, however, we see Damian Priest shift the offensive momentum back in his favor where he caps off a comeback that culminates with his finisher for the pin fall victory. With the win, Damian Priest moves on to qualify for the Men’s Elimination Chamber.

Winner and QUALIFYING for Men’s Elimination Chamber: Damian Priest

WWE U.S. Champion Austin Theory Has Arrived

The commentators show us footage of WWE United States Champion Austin Theory arriving in a nice car earlier today. As he exits the car and enters the Amway Center, we head to another commercial break.

Chelsea Green Blackmails Adam Pearce

We return from the break to see Maximum Male Models signing their Raw contracts when Chelsea Green approaches Adam Pearce. She mentions not being in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match.

She mentions how she can beat everyone who is in the match. Pearce reminds her she didn’t last five seconds in the Women’s Royal Rumble. She mentions her family is in attendance. She says she’s gonna have a match or she can make one call and cost Adam Pearce his job. She walks off.

Baron Corbin vs. Dexter Lumis

After a lengthy video highlight package looking at the Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn segment from this past week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, we shoot back inside the Amway Center in Orlando, FL. where Baron Corbin’s theme hits.

Out comes Baron Corbin accompanied by JBL for his scheduled one-on-one showdown against Dexter Lumis. As Corbin settles inside the squared circle, we head to a pre-match commercial break.