Matt Riddle Shows Off His New Custom Grill (Photos & Video), Thanks Girlfriend for Supporting Him

(Photo Credit: @SuperKingofBros)

This weekend, Matt Riddle took to Twitter to show off his new grill.

Riddle has been absent from WWE since the December 5 RAW, when he was temporarily written out of the storylines by a solo Sikoa attack. Riddle was suspended after failing a second WWE Wellness Policy drug test, and it was later revealed that he had entered rehab. Riddle’s late-December statement following his WWE hiatus and abuse allegations by another woman can be found here.

In an update, Riddle thanked Alligator Jesus CEO David Tamargo and tweeted a photo of his new grill. Alligator Jesus is a Los Angeles-based company that creates custom mouth grills.

“Thank you @alligator_jesus for the amazing grill #stallion #grill #dude #rudedude #bro #alligatorjesus,” Riddle accompanied his letter with the image shown below.

Riddle later shared photos of himself with his girlfriend, adult film actress Misha Montana. He thanked Montana for her help during his recovery and shared a photo of his new grill.

“Thank you for supporting me during my recovery babe and loving me for me #happy #stallion #grillz #mustache #bro,” Riddle posted the photos and Instagram video below.

One fan responded and expressed their desire to see Riddle in a more stable environment, writingg, “Honestly I was hoping to just see you in more stable environment kinda pictures, maybe with your kids while you had this time off. Not so much hanging with porn stars and grill pics. But yeah good luck on sobriety bro”

Montana responded to the fan by writing, “your approval or benefit. Seek a hobby that’s more spiritually and emotionally gratifying than preying on the lives of strangers that you know nothing about”

Montana later responded to Riddle in the comments section of his Instagram, writing, “I love you babe I’m here to support you always and I’m so proud of the man you are and that you’re the healthiest, happiest, best version of yourself you could be.”

While away from WWE, Riddle earned his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from Daniel Gracie at Gracie’s facility inside the Downtown Orlando Boxing Club in Orlando, FL.

“Finally got my bjj black belt and I couldn’t be happier, thank you to everyone who has helped and supported me along the way [shaka emoji] #bro #danielgracie #wwe #mma #bjj #stallion,” Riddle captioned a recent photo of Gracie, Rolles Gracie, and David Floridia.

Riddle was suspended for 60 days, according to reports, but there has been no word on his return. He’s been advertised for some WWE events, including the February 13 RAW from Brooklyn, but it’s unclear whether those were dated listings or if he’ll be back in the coming weeks.

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