AEW Rampage Review (02/03/2023)

AEW Friday Night Rampage Review – February 3, 2023

Trios Title Match
The Elite (c) vs. The Firm

Nick Jackson & Isiah Kassidy starts this match off with a lock up then they exchange submission holds before Nick delivers a pair of arm drags. Matt Jackson tags in and beats down Kassidy before Matt Hardy & Kenny Omega tag in.

Omega & Hardy lock up. Hardy knocks Omega to the mat then looks for the Twist Of Fate. Omega moves out of the way and looks for a jumping knee strike but Hardy ducks it and sends Omega to the outside. Ethan Page takes Omega out then tosses him back in the ring and tags in. He delivers a body slam before Matt tags in and delivers a boot.

Hardy tags back in, and Matt rains down right hands. He runs the ropes but Page grabs his ankle, allowing Hardy to hit the Side Effect. He goes for a pin but Matt kicks out. Page demands to be tagged in and Hardy obliges. He delivers a backbreaker then gloats.

Back from the break, Page delivers a back elbow to Matt. Hardy tags in and delivers The 3 Faces of Deletion then delivers a powerbomb. He goes for a pin, but Nick breaks things up. Hardy climbs onto the ropes but Page tags himself in and goes flying. Matt catches him with a superkick, then tags in Omega.

Omega delivers a frog splash crossbody then plants Page and hits a moonsault. Kassidy tags in and delivers a splash, then works with Page and Hardy to deliver an assisted splash. Young Bucks catch him with a pair of superkicks before Omega delivers a snap dragon suplex.

Nick tags in and delivers a right hand. Kassidy fires back with one of his own, and the two go back & forth before Nick delivers a kick to his head. Kassidy hits an enziguri, but Nick delivers a step up knee and a bulldog. The Elite set up for the BTE Trigger but Hardy & Page pull Omega & Matt out of the ring. Kassidy then delivers a Canadian Destroyer to Nick before Hardy delivers a Twist Of Fate. Kassidy goes for a pin but Matt breaks the fall.

Hardy accidentally hits Page as Nick goes flying. Kassidy catches him with a cutter as Omega tags in. Kassidy looks to tag someone in, but there is no one there. Omega delivers the V Trigger, followed by the One-Winged Angel. The Elite follows it up with the BTE Trigger for the win.

Winners & Still Trios Champions: The Elite (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)

We head backstage to Lexy Nair is with Ricky Starks. Nair asks Starks for his response to the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet Challenge thrown out to him by the Jericho Appreciation Society on Wednesday. Starks says he put his foot in his mouth but that’s okay with him because he says if that is the way to get to Chris Jericho then that is what he will do. He says he will embarrass Jericho and beat him again.

Back from the break, we head to a video from Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh gloating about stealing Paul Walter Hauser’s Golden Globe and beating Best Friends & Danhausen. Danhausen responds in a second video, and tells them that they will be cursed.

Swerve Strickland vs. Brain Pillman Jr

Match starts off with a lock up before they exchange submission holds before Brain Pillman Jr delivers an Upkick. Swerve Strickland hits Pillman from behind but Pillman manages to catch him with a dropkick that sends him to the outside. He then delivers a flying dropkick through the middle rope.

After the break Pillman & Strickland exchange chops. Pillman gains the upper hand with a thrust kick, then goes for a pin but Strickland kicks out. Swerve delivers a kick to Pillman’s knee then delivers a 2nd kick to his head and goes for a pin. Pillman kicks out, and they ascend to the top rope.

Pillman knocks Swerve off before Boudreaux interferes while the referee is distracted. Swerve then delivers a Death Valley Driver on the apron and the Swerve Stomp off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Swerve Strickland

After the match Mogul Affiliates beat down Pillman as Strickland wraps a chain around his hand. Dustin Rhodes’ music hits and he runs to the ring with a turnbuckle in hand to make the save.

We then head to a video from House Of Black addressing their recent encounters with Eddie Kingston. Malakai Black says they never wanted Kingston to join them and simply had the goal of corrupting them.

Tag Team Match
The Renegade Twins vs. Saraya & Toni Storm

Robyn Renegade taunts Toni Storm then they lock up before Robyn delivers a series of forearms and chops. Storm delivers a Thesz Press before Saraya attacks Robyn while the referee is distracted. Storm then delivers a hip attack that sends Robyn to the outside and Saraya sends her into the ring steps. Saraya tags in and delivers a right hand and a clothesline, then follows it up with a pair of back elbows.

She whips Robyn into the corner, then delivers a knee strike. Storm tags in and delivers a suplex, then delivers a kick to her head. Robyn manages to deliver some forearm shots and an enziguri, then tags in Charlette Renegade. Charlette hits a splash in the corner, then charges at her, but Storm catches her with a dropkick. She follows it up with a hip attack and Storm Zero for the win.

Winners: Saraya & Toni Storm

After the match, Storm & Saraya each grab a can of spray paint. They draw an L onto each of them for loser.

We then head to a video of Adam Cole discussing his emotional journey back to AEW.

Rush vs. Christopher Daniels

Match begins with a lock up then Christopher Daniels delivers an arm drag then follows it up with a cutter and a right hand to Rush’s back. Daniels delivers a spinning heel kick that sends Rush to the outside then delivers a tope suicida and gets him back in the ring.

Rush knocks Daniels to the mat with a right hand then clocks him with a forearm and tosses him into the barricade. He fires off several knees, then delivers a pair of right hands and grabs a cable. He whips Daniels with it, then chokes him.

Rush delivers a series of right hands and kicks then tosses him to the outside where Preston Vance awaits. Vance rains money down on him then steps across his back. Jose The Assistant holds Daniels in place and Vance looks for a kick but Daniels escapes and Vance hits Jose.

Daniels gets back in the ring and delivers a powerbomb to Rush then follows it up with some hammer and anvil elbows. Rush fires back with a pair of chops and a thrust kick but Daniels gets him up on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver.

He locks in a submission but Vance places Rush’s boot on the rope to break the hold. Daniels delivers a chokeslam then looks for Best Moonsault Ever.

Rush gets his knees up then gets Daniels in the corner. He stomps on his head, then delivers Bull’s Horns for the win.

Winner: Rush